Browning Cynergy Field 20ga

Browning Cynergy Field 20ga RECEIVER Steel • Silver nitride finish • Ultra-low profile • MonoLock Hinge • Jeweled monobloc • High-relief Engraving on the receiver, forearm iron and top lever (12 gauge models illustrate pheasants and ducks. Small gauge models feature quail and grouse.) BARREL Lightweight profile • Ventilated top and side ribs ACTION Reverse Striker ignition system • Impact Ejectors • Top-tang barrel selector/safety STOCK Gloss oil finish and upgraded Grade II/III Walnut FEATURES Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones on 12 and 20 • Three Invector-Plus choke tubes with 12 and 20 • Inflex Technology recoil pad system • 1/4" stock spacer • Ivory front and mid-bead sights Fast forward now to today's most innovative over and under shotgun. If you're an all-around, one-gauge shotgun shooter, the Browning Cynergy, in any model, is probably the only shotgun you will ever need to buy. This Field model weighs just a tad over 7 lbs. in a 12 gauge with 26" barrel. It's a perfect weight for carrying and sweet to swing with its ventilated top and side ribs on fast-flushing birds and yet very strong with its engraved steel receiver. The MonoLock Hinge means there is 300% more surface area to pivot on, for less wear and more stability. No other over and under shotgun gives you this strength where it is so critical. The rectangle locking pins provide additional strength and features a "wear-in" relief that allows wear without hindering lock up. Not every shot gunner likes the looks of the Cynergy. Yet when you pick one up and shoulder it, there is a natural blending of arm and shoulder and many hunters' minds are changed in an instant. Chambered in 20ga Available in 26"and 28"barrels

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