Delta McKenzie Black Magnum Target

Delta McKenzie ShotBlocker® has totally changed layered target technology. ShotBlocker® Targets feature our patented Welded-Core™ technology that eliminates the need for platens, plates, cables, wires, straps or bands. What you get is a tougher target in which the layers or sheets can’t shift, move or fall apart. It can be shot on all four sides, and best of all, the foam slivering that you get from most layered targets when shooting broadheads is greatly reduced. All this, plus easy arrow removal! This target features a slimmer profile for portability.

Product Number 20893
Dimensions 20" x 18" x 11"
Product Category Backyard/Hunting
Arrow Tip Broadhead
Field Tip

Weight lbs: 9

Our price: $64.99

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