Beretta Xtreme Ducker Fleece Jacket

Just right for dry days or even a light drizzle. Windstoper fabric not only blocks cold breezes, but it’s lightweight, breathable, warm and water-repellent. Soft shell construction allows for total unrestricted movement. Adjustable neoprene cuffs, removable hood and adjustable drawstring at bottom let you take on changing conditions. Mesh lined. Gel-tec Recoil Reducer (not included) pocket. Gentle wash. Tumble dry low. Imported.
Color: 0857)Gore Optifade Concealment Marsh Pattern.

OPTIFADE’s micro pattern outperforms traditional camo by breaking the symmetry of the human shape to make the body less detectable and confuse the bird. OPTIFADE’s breakthrough micro pattern addresses specifically how waterfowl see.

- Vertical pattern accounts for overhead engagement in motion. 
- Ideal at the most common position waterfowl encounter humans: 45o angle and 35 yards distance.
- Optimized for a non-frontal engagement angle, since waterfowl see prey from any angle 
- Exploits the way waterfowl perceive colors and the positive vs. negative space in the environment to make the human shape blend into the background.

OPTIFADE’s lighter colors and starker contrasts take into account the high-contrast environment (horizon line, water shimmer) and makes the hunter look invisible to the bird.

Model #P333

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