Banded Floating Mallards: 12 pk

About Banded Floating Mallards Duck Decoys - 7 Drakes, 5 Hens Closeouts. The 12-pack of Banded's Floating Mallards duck decoys with life-size hens and drakes delivers the variety needed to supercharge your hunting spread. Six realistic poses are finished in a 20-step paint scheme for durable realism and stunning feather detail.
  • True-to-life anatomy and body positions
  • Ultra-realistic feather detail and paint schemes
  • Forward-weighted keel for a perfect buoyancy
  • Line locker for easy cord length adjustment
  • 12-pack includes:
  • 3 swimming drakes
  • 2 alert drakes
  • 2 resting drakes
  • 3 swimming hens
  • 1 feeding hen
  • 1 resting hen
  • Made in China
  • Weight lbs: 0

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