Avery GHG Life Size Mallard Duck Floating Decoys 6pk

Life Size decoys from GHG give you unmatched realism and detail at an affordable price. These decoys feature the 60/40 weighted keel which gives the decoy real motion without the un-natural bobbing even in heavy wind. The intricate feather detail and precise anatomical dimensions make these some of the most realistic decoys available.

  • Three unique relaxed-style body postures
  • Vivid color schemes and true-to-life detail
  • Indestructable high-density polyethylene
  • Heavy-duty paint application for durability
  • 60/40 Weighted Keels for perfect balance
  • 2 Standard Drakes, 2 Standard Hens, 2 Low Head Drakes
  • Model #73004

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