Federal Premium Heavyweight Mag-Shok Turkey 12g 3" 1-5/8oz #7

Combining Federal Premium®'s HEAVYWEIGHT® and FLITECONTROL® technologies, Mag-Shok® HEAVYWEIGHT Turkey Load Shotshells with FLITECONTROL maximize performance with minimized recoil. Engineered by the experts at Federal Champion to hit big toms hard while being gentle on the shoulder, Mag-Shok HEAVYWEIGHT ammo makes a great shell choice for younger hunters. The ultra-dense, tungsten-based HEAVYWEIGHT shot delivers the same impact energy as larger lead shot with less recoil to hit turkeys just as hard with more than 47% less recoil. Designed to stay with the shot longer, the innovative FLITECONTROL wad delivers up to 30% tighter patterns than conventional wad designs. This controlled shot release puts more pellets on target, extending the effective range of your turkey gun!

Deadly effective Mag-Shok performance that's easier on the shoulders
Ultra-dense, tungsten-based HEAVYWEIGHT shot
FLITECONTROL technology - puts more pellets on target, extends gun's effective range
FLITECONTROL wad - rear-braking shot cup keeps wad with pellets longer for tighter patterns
More than 47% less recoil than comparable loads

  • 12 Gauge
  • 3"
  • 1-5/8oz
  • Shot Size #7
  • 1300 FPS
  • 5 Shotshells per box

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